Choices We Make Because of Our Shadows ~ FEAR

“Too many of us move through our lives with our true selves buried below layers of repressed emotion. With so much energy channeled toward sustaining the repression, there is little left over for the deeper questions. The consequences of our evasion are profound. Our stockpiles toxify into a cache of weapons that turn inward against the self: quick fix, long suffering. As Rumi said, “Most people guard against the fire, and so end up in it.” This is the power of then. If we don’t deal with our stuff, it deals with us.”
Jeff Brown, Soulshaping: A Journey Of Self Creation


Our society is geared towards making all the kids the same in the classroom. We even medicate them in that environment. Luckily we are moving towards creativity and individuality. The creative essence must be expressed. Um, let’s embrace it instead of FEAR. The thing we are afraid of is not out there!!

WE ARE TERRIFIED of OURSELVES…our Power. The mind has no evidence that we would choose in a loving way. We have so much FEAR, that we have been choosing choices that would protect us and keep us safe.   We choose choices that keep things the same and familiar so that we don’t FEEL the FEAR. We have only ever chosen out of FEAR and to protect ourselves. We are terrified of ourselves.

What if we made choices from a different place? What would that look like? What if we knew that we could not fail? What if we knew that every choice we made was the right choice to live on purpose?

According to Dr. Sue Morter, “Spiritually attuned or successful in business….it is all the same. It does not matter where you are coming from or going to….it matters from the perspective through which you are processing the process. Where are you living within yourself? The same success that allows a person to become an enlightened being in the spiritual essence is the same success thing that allows a being to become an enlightened being in a business essence. The same thing that allows an individual to be enlightened in relationship and be able to exchange in a way that works and communicates and be vulnerable to know that there is great, great strength in being able to do this.“

THIS IS AN INSIDE JOB. Use your FEARS to FUEL to recognize that these fears are created by our minds and they are actually opportunities to grow and evolve. It is a chance to better our lives and move forward on our journey.

These areas of ourselves we have stuffed down deep as they were too scary and we have learned to shove them aside as no one taught us what to do with these shadows or emotions.

It is the same thing as breaking out with hives or a rash and FEARING the unknown. We make it bigger than it has to be! However, we could make a choice to embrace and know these aspects of ourselves.

Herein lies the problem, so many times we stop right there and remain stuck in our own walls that we have built around our heart. We are in our own prison at that moment. That is just the beginning not the end of the story. Don’t name and blame in this moment…this is just the beginning.

If you want to grow in your life or enrich your relationships., then you have to look at things from a different perspective than you ever have before and it is not either or…. It is both.

When we began to invite these “bad” things as great teachers into our lives and embrace our shadows, we will make choices out of love and grow! Our creative essence will then be expressed through writing, singing, art and creating the life we choose.

So we need to sit with it and learn to embrace it ~ to be comfortable with it with GRACE and Compassion instead of choosing out of FEAR ~ choose out of Love.

This is about TRUST. Trust your heart and soul, be vulnerable, and be authentic. Really learn to listen to your intuition.

As long as we don’t stop from there we are well on this journey to wholeness to freedom. Our way to Wholeness is on our own personal journey. It is a breath away from total freedom.

What if it brings me to a bigger freedom, a Graceful unfolding of the bigger picture. It is what we came into this life to accomplish and be spiritually attuned.

How many of you can say “I did learn from this experience? I did gain from this and I have become a much better person because of this??” It ended up bringing us closer together and creating a better circumstance. A better relationship and a better understanding of who we are and self-image?

If you look back you will find a better friendship, relationship, or a better BLESSING that was in it. You will find the support that the universe was offering. That will bring us to that state of how we will know we are there…

The information that is stored at the subconscious level also has a frequency to it. We have collected all kinds of information back there from all of the wrong events and bad experiences that have occurred… and all the hurts and wrong doings that are stored at the subconscious level because that is its job to collect data and store it for future experiences and reference.

If we collected information that says that it is a cold, cruel world out there and it is not safe to love…and the conscious mind is trying to go out and dream the dream well, we will react badly when triggered.   We are coming from a reaction mode because of our perceptions. GET THE EGO OUT OF THE WAY.

The capacity to take responsibility for our shadows is related to self-love and self-respect. Keep in mind that everyone is BETTER and MORE COMPLEX than any wrong-doing. Have compassion and grace for the challenges that you and others are going through. Remember, we all have our own You-nique journey!!

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