“Two roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”  

~Robert Frost





Extraordinary Wellness Shaman and Mentor Lauren A. Ebbecke works with mid-career women stuck in drama, trauma and chaos. She mentors them to look within to create happiness, peace, and confidence by tapping in to their best way to navigate whatever life brings their way. Through her Extraordinary Wellness coaching programs, products, and services, clients step into the best expression of who they want to be to love life and work on their own authentic , happy, healthy terms.

If you are someone who sits on the couch each night watching tv and uses drugs, food or alcohol to numb your life, then this program is for you.  Our ideal clients are someone who wants to learn healthy, positive coping skills effortlessly with ease and speed to handle the stress life throws at them!!  If you want to go from striving to thriving, please contact us today at http://extraordinarywellnesscoaching.com/contact/ for a FREE 30-minute “Tap Into Your Extraordinary Self” Discovery Session.



Longer Bio


Extraordinary Wellness Shaman, Lauren A. Ebbecke is fiercely committed to empowering mid-career women to exchange drama, trauma, and karma for happiness, peace and confidence.

If you have been looking for a proven mentor who can guide you through a step by step process you’ve come to the right place.  Since 1999, Lauren has worked with hundreds of women through my massage and reiki practice, classroom teaching and nonprofit administration to motivate and encourage them to discover their authentic selves.   She has experience working with some amazing women with similar concerns and inspiring them to find their own unique passion and gifts instead of following someone else’s rules just to fit in.

Her path to become an extraordinary wellness coach became very clear when she lost my identical twin just 3 years ago. That is when she made a decision to go out on my own and seriously step into coaching to help women realign their mind, body and soul and shift their mindsets.  Lauren had the same DNA, grew up in the same environment (family and friends) and was very close to her twin.  Like many families they faced challenges such as their father’s death, mother’s alcoholism, and  brother’s drug addiction.  They did not have a perfect childhood by any standards and as teenagers, began making their own choices. Those choices led to two very different journeys.

Many people follow the path of using temporary bandaid fixes to make themselves feel better about their lives.  It would have been so easy for Lauren to follow that well trodden path just like her twin.  However, she took the path less traveled to experience my own soul journey and, most importantly, seek sustainable solutions.”

Clients say remarkable things about the impact her work has had on their life:

“Lauren truly is an inspiration.  She teaches from the heart and energizes you with her enthusiasm.  Through Lauren’s Extraordinary Wellness Coaching, I’ve defeated my negative self-talk and exploded my creative side.  Instead of focusing on lack, I now focus on abundance and live an amazing life.  I no longer work to live, but live to create.”   Tracey Roman, Fort Mill Magazine

On a more personal note:

I know what it’s like to experience burn out and chronic stress.  I’ve been where you are now, feeling overwhelmed knowing there must be something more for me…and not knowing how to get there!

I stepped in to step out by transforming from being a burnt out, stressed out, worn out school teacher with no personal life to a happy, healthy, and heartfelt woman living an extraordinary life by listening to my own inner wisdom.  Since 2012, I have generously shared my tips, resources, and programs while working enthusiastically from my Central Wisconsin home office — often while wearing sweatpants!  I live with my adorable, yellow lab, Sage and my mischievous orange tabby cat, Ashley!

I love my extraordinary well life and can be found spending time connecting with nature biking, hiking, kayaking and meditative walking.

If you want to take the path less traveled to a soulful journey, it would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the extraordinarily well life you desire in our work together.  Please visit http://extraordinarywellnesscoaching.com/contact/ for a FREE 30-minute “Tap Into Your Extraordinary Self” Discovery Session.

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