Fear, Trust, And Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” ~Ernest Hemingway

Being vulnerable and keeping our hearts open in a relationship is one of our greatest strengths. However, eating dinner in a pub the other night, I became very aware of people who were cynical, suspicious, and unable to follow their hearts. They had lost their trust and possibly their faith. Fear of rejection and abandonment haunt many people to some degree.

Many people have huge walls around their hearts and are jaded about relationships because their trust has been betrayed. I call this “Post Traumatic Relationship Syndrome” as people have closed their hearts due to living in fear of being hurt again.

Trust is a fragile thing because there is always a chance of being hurt again. We have all been hurt by someone we deeply cared about and trusted. So how do we keep our hearts open, let go of fear, and create an awesome opportunity to experience deep trust? By allowing yourself to be vulnerable and not bringing in the baggage from the past. I like to think we come into our relationships with an overnight bag instead 6!

Although there are no guarantees, trust is a gift of the heart that takes down the barriers, deepens relationships, and leads to love in all relationships. The journey to love is a journey to your soul. It tells us about our core relationship to ourselves. It also provides us with the opportunity to deeply connect, to see and love another’s soul.

Here are some ways to build trust in a relationship.

1. Be authentic

Be as transparent as possible. Suspicions emerge in relationships when people act differently that is outside their character. Some people deeply connect and then push love away. Being authentic and transparent leaves less room for assumptions that can easily create unnecessary drama.

2. Communicate clearly and often

Keep the communication open and let your partner know that you need space. Although we are in the age of texting and emailing, nothing beats talking especially face to face.  A phone call is better than email and text, but face to face is always best!! Always ask and never assume if you are questioning anything in the relationship. It is far better to be direct and open, then to make an assumption that could potentially destroy trust.  And remember, don’t take anything personal!

3. Spend time with the person to learn about him or her

Spend quality time and energy getting to know someone. The more information you have the better you can assess situations that come up like are they just having an off day due to a loss or stressful situation. While trust is a leap of faith, it is also about getting to know the other person.  More importantly, it is about accepting that person for who they are (the good, bad, and ugly).

4. Take Responsibility and Make a Sincere Apology

Take responsibility for your actions and make a sincere apology if you have made a mistake or disappointed your partner. A trustworthy person is responsible for their behavior. Sincere apologies build trust. If your partner apologizes to you, practice forgiveness and letting go of past hurts.  You are only 100% responsible for your 50% of the relationship.  Forgive yourself as well. 🙂

5. Be honest and never lie

Honesty is the best policy and does build trust. Even the smallest white lie can erode trust. A relationship grows in a healthy way when both partners are honest with each other.  Silence is a form of dishonesty.  Secrets erode trust.

6. Walk Your Talk

Your actions and words must be in alignment.  Saying one thing and doing another is very is not only misleading, it is inconsistent.  This too will erode trust.  Now, sometimes this is done innocently because of denying our true feelings.  This will lead to feelings of frustration and fear.  Monitor your feelings and the thoughts behind them.  Be gentle on yourself and change your thoughts 🙂

The good news is that trust can be built.  As Michael McDonald sings, “You’re gonna have to trust someone…..because it ain’t no life living all alone.  Love gives us a second chance to find all that we lost”.  Keep the faith and yes, Post Traumatic Relationship syndrome can be healed! 🙂

6 Ways to Overcome Negative Feelings When your World is Falling Apart



“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” — J.K. Rowling


Be gentle with yourself. As we work through our negative emotions we are typically healing from Challenging or devastating experiences. Realize that not one person ever escapes going through a time when they feel like their world is falling apart. Yet how people respond to it makes all the difference in the world.

It takes time to process and release negative emotions but it doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. It is about being ready to let go of these emotions and not let them control your present situation!

Having said that, life events are never completely predictable. I know I have found myself feeling blind sighted and wondering, “How did this happen? How did I get myself into this?” Or “I hate this!” We aren’t always prepared for what we face and feel is out of our control.

Start with awareness of these emotions whether it is hurt feelings, your feelings of inadequacy, resentments, deep disappointment, anger, or fear. FEEL them and acknowledge them. You chose how you want to feel and react and that’s okay. If you turn to temporary band-aid fixes such as self-medicating, numbing out or going into denial, you will find yourself in the name-blame-shame game. You might be blaming or judging others, which places you in a victim role where you feel powerless. Don’t let these emotions control you! Be present and mindful of your feelings. Your emotions are a part of you and acceptance is key.

Here are six tips to help you deal with your thoughts and the feelings of your heart to overcome these challenging situations.

1.  Change Your Perspective on the Negative Experience

Remember it is our thoughts that cause our feelings. Our minds are very powerful and especially our subconscious mind. Ever gone to work or school and some people are smiling having a great time while others look like they just lost their best friend?   It is our attitude and perspective on the given situation that determines our feelings.

In order to move on and experience more positive feelings, you have to search for the silver lining in the situation. Finding those silver linings may take some inner reflection. I know when I was going through what felt like ‘the dark night of the soul’ I could still find a glimmer of light as I discovered the silver linings in my situation.

I learned a greater sense of self-love and compassion for myself through my breakup. I also became far more helpful with my clients who were experiencing a bad breakup.

Maybe you will learn to take better care of yourself, or you could become more compassionate for people who lash out because you realize how much pain they are in. Remember that wisdom comes from our experiences!

2. Understand that Change is inevitable

Change is the one thing we can count on in life. It occurs in all areas of our lives such as relationships, health, finances, career, and interests. Life is like a river that ebbs and flows with occasional rapids. The best thing we can do is to expect and accept that change will happen. One way to get through it is to be gentle on yourself and always look for the good in those challenging times. Remember that life is a duality. We know the light because of the dark. We know joy because of experiencing sadness. Find the good in those bad situations and you will be able to move forward faster!

3. Spend Time with Friends who are Positive and Supportive

One of my silver linings was the number of friends who contacted me and were there for me to open up to and talk! I love my kindred Spirits (both men and women)! Can you relate? I hope so because this is priceless!

When going through loss and grief, It can be difficult to reach out to people. You feel vulnerable due to intensity of the emotional roller coaster ride.

By surrounding myself with positive and supportive friends, this devastating journey was doable. I borrowed their faith and belief in me when I was at my darkest point. It does work! Everyone goes through these dark times, so don’t think you have to go it alone! You’ll be grateful and surprised at how supportive friends and colleagues will be during these times. Do not let your fear of being seen as weak stop your of the chance to experience support from people. You might just make new friends through it!! I certainly did.

4.  Schedule Play Time

It is easy to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed all day. Don’t become a hermit. Get outside in nature! Any movement will improve your outlook especially in sunshine. Go for walks, meet with friends, go to a concert, or plan a vacation. The best thing I did was to walk and run everyday consistently. Constantly dwelling on the negative is unhealthy, so focus on healthy, fun activities. This will give you a fresh perspective and help you move forward faster. Trust me.

5. Use this Experience to Expand and Grow

I contacted a colleague of my who was a therapist in relationships to due some real introspection on my own patterns and stories. This provided me with the opportunity to look at my triggers and change my story around abandonment and rejection. For me, there was no closure, which triggered my fears. I was able to explore where this came from and then release my old story. Sound familiar?

Our negative experiences provide us with the opportunity to grow so that we can release our baggage, change our stories and live life in a more positive way. Too often, people will stuff these feelings or blame other people as they fall into the victim role. Some people never open their hearts again and live in what I call the black cloud. They let their fears control them. So, if need be find a good therapist or life coach to help you expand and grow! It is totally worth it!

6. Positive Affirmations are Awesome

Using positive affirmations help to reprogram our brain and create positive thoughts. Try monitoring your thoughts for a day! You will be surprised how programmed we are to negative thinking. When we use things like positive affirmations, it becomes easier to stay positive.

I use neon colored index cards to right my affirmations on. I also record them in my voice to play back to myself especially before going to bed. I do this for 30 minutes a day and I am always amazed at how positive I feel just after a few days (I recommend at least 30 days). Remember to write them in the present such as “I now have plenty of time to meet my goals” or “I am now surrounded by people who love and support me”.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” ~ Unknown

Please comment below on what you do to stay positive and let go of negative emotions.  Feel free to sign up for my ebook up above on stress and receive valuable tips on living an extraordinary life!


How to Find Happiness

We are traveling at the ‘Speed of Life’ which seems to be getting faster and faster.  This reminds me of the speed limits that continue to increase from 55mph years ago to 80 mph on the highway now in some states!  Wow.  I find that when I travel faster on the highway to life, I do not enjoy it and many things are not done well. 

I go to work, meetings, grocery shop, cook meals and attend to everyone else’s needs first.  Sound familiar? 

I feel stuck and I am unhappy. I hear this over and over again from my clients who don’t take care of themselves first.  Then their energy currency runs out!  So here are a few tips you can do each day to live a happier life and have more energy to give to yourself and your relationships!

  1.  Follow your heart.  What do you love to do?  If you love to spend time with friends then invite them over or go out to eat together.  I love to garden, walk and play with my dog, hike in nature, and eat dinner with friends. 

Implement one thing each day that you love to do even if it is only 15 minutes. Do what you really love and have fun!

2.  Do one thing every day that scares you.  This does not mean watch horror movies or sky dive today. Too often we get “comfortable” and complacent in life which leads to a mediocre life. 

Spice it up.  If you have never gone out to dinner by yourself, treat yourself. Take a trip on your own.

 Smile at strangers and meet new people and strike up a conversation.  Go ahead and talk to that cute guy you have wanted to get to know.  Take up dancing

Get out of your comfort zone!  You will be amazed at how much confidence you will gain and how good you feel.

3.  Focus on what you want.  Too often we get caught up in focusing on “what is bad”.  Do you watch the news every night and morning?  Most of it is focused on the negative.  What music do you listen to or what tv shows do you watch?  

Most importantly, are the top 5 people you hang with positive or negative?  Do they really support you? 

There is a saying that “Energy Goes where Attention Goes “.  Place your Attention on the positive and what you want in life!

4.  Let go of the attachment to the Expectations and the Outcome.   When we have expectations, we set ourselves up for disappointments.  Have you ever noticed that many things don’t go the way you expected?  This is really bad when you have expectations in a relationship that you and your partner have never talked about!

Expectations come from our judgments, which come from our thoughts. 

Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.  Look at things differently by releasing the fear and looking for love. 

Realize that you have no control over external situations or people. 

 You can only control how you react.  Happiness is a choice!  Choose it.

Please comment below.  I would love to hear what you do each day to find happiness.  For more tips on living a stress free life, sign up for my FREE audio and ebook above. 

MY Universe is My Dog = Unconditional Love and Support

Actually, one of my awesome coaches, Christine Kane, wrote a blog titled ‘The Universe is Your Dog’. The main idea of her blog can be summed up with a quote by Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer: “Start by becoming a pack leader in your own world and healing your own world, and the effects will ripple.” Therefore, your energy and emotional state has a ripple effect on every living thing around you. You do have the power to transform any given situation.

Every thing we do is a choice and the universe supports us in our choice. We need to relax and dance to the rhythm. So why don’t we believe this?

TRUST. We just don’t trust the process. Hey, I have been there. I know what it is like to be reading self-help books, listening to seminars and audios, going to spiritual groups to grow into the woman I want to become. So what does that look like?

• A woman who is so deeply rooted in knowing herself that nothing externally can influence her. She creates her own reality and is the Director of her own life.

• A woman who is in alignment with her authentic self, her own truth. She has clarity and focus on what is true for her.

• A woman who knows and trusts her inner wisdom and follows her own guidance. She does not need the advice or the approval of friends and family.

• A woman who is deeply spiritual although she does not practice one particular religion.

• A woman who is a leader by empowering other women to connect to their sacred soul and wisdom.

My second key is to take every lesson in life and find the Gold Nugget hidden in that lesson. What am I suppose to learn from this experience? Challenges happen to all of us and when I find the gold within in each lesson, I move one step closer to my dream!

My third key for believing the Universe has got your back is focus on what you want. Energy Goes Where Attention Flows! So, if you focus on the negative, then that is what you will receive and vice versa. Watch your thoughts and change them to positive thoughts! The universe will support you either way so why not be positive? You will attract more positive into your life by being positive. It is like buying a red car and now it feels like there are red cars everywhere! They were always there you just didn’t focus on them.

Finally, do gratitude journaling every night. Find five things to be grateful for from that day even if it is the toilet flushing! How about the garbage man that picks up your garbage? This activity alone will train you to find the positive in your day!

These four simple steps will build up your trust in that the Universe really is supporting you. You just have to have clarity and focus on what you REALLY want!

Please comment below on ways the universe supports you. I would love to hear from you. Also, feel free to share this blog post with a friend.

7 Essential Core Habits For Living a Stress-Free Life

 Stress.   We have all felt stress at one time or another in our lives.  Your heart pounds as if it is going to burst right through your chest followed by rapid breathing and  sweating.  We have been told that stress causes everything from the common cold to cardiovascular disease.  


In fact, the research shows that IF you BELIEVE stress is bad for you then it will cause these dis-ease.  However, Harvard researchers found in one study that if  you believe that your stress response is helpful and preparing you for the situation, you are actually less stressed, have more energy and more confidence.

It is true that almost every thought and action you take is directed by the underlying beliefs you hold.  Yep, your personal perception of reality comes from your beliefs.  

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


There are 7 essential core habits or practices for living a stress-free life.


1.  Eat Well – Whole, real, and natural foods that come from the earth are fuel for the body.  And, yes, food affects your moods!  Veggies, fruits, grains and lean protein are very healthy.  Not only will you feel energized, but your hair, nails and skin will benefit as well.  What you eat affects your energy, your emotions (mood), how you sleep, and how well you think.  Spinach, turkey, seafood and walnuts are on the top of list for mood boosters because of the nutrients they contain such as antioxidants, magnesium, tryptophan, Omega 3’s and selenium. 

2.  Sleep Well – studies have shown that not getting enough sleep really affects your moods and how you handle challenges in life!  People  who sleep less than 5 hours a night report feeling more irritable, angry, stressed, sad and mentally exhausted.  In addition, lack of sleep suppresses the immune system.  Studies suggest healthy adults need 7-8 hours a night and these adults sleep better when they go to sleep before midnight.  More importantly, establish a regular routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time even on the weekends.

3.  Meditate – deep breathing is a simple, yet powerful, relaxation technique especially when combined with meditation.  This is “belly breathing” or breathing from the abdomen.  One techniques that works for me when I am stressed is to inhale to the count of 4, hold for the count of 7 and exhale for the count of 8.  I do this 5-8 times until I feel relaxed.  You can do this sitting up, laying down or standing.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  You can use visualization such as your favorite vacation spot or focus on relaxing groups of muscles beginning with your head and moving down towards the feet.  

4.  Movement – find something you love to do that gets you moving!  There are many ways to move the body such as belly dancing (or any other dancing), swimming, yoga, running, hiking, biking, exercise class, and walking.  Exercise relieves stress, improves your mood, releases endorphins, improves sleep, tones muscles, and maintains weight. Start off scheduling 30 minutes a day.  You can do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night if you need to break it up.  Work towards an hour a day and you will be amazed at the benefits!

5.  Journaling – keeping a journal is a great way to release emotions and reduce stress.    Take some time in a quiet and comfortable place without any interruptions.  In addition to journaling about my emotions,  I like to keep a gratitude journal.  At night I write down 5 things that I am grateful for during the day.  This helps to keep me focused on the positive things happening in my day. 

6.  Hydrate – your body is 70-80% water depending on which study you read.  Every organ in your body needs water to function properly.  When you are dehydrated, your cortisol levels (stress hormone) increases.  The correlation between water and stress reduction is well documented.  While drinking water won’t put money in the bank or stop the kids from fighting, it will help you deal with the challenges better without the added stress of being dehydrated.  A good rule of thumb is to drink one ounce of water for every pound you weigh.

7.  Invest in You – Schedule time in your day (not just your week) for you!  Put it on the calendar and make it non-negotiable.  I know, you’re busy taking care of everyone else.  Hey, I have been there.  Start off with 30 minutes a day even if you have to split it up, but work up to one hour a day.  You and your family will be grateful.   It could be the time you spend walking in nature.  Go get a massage, manicure, or go dancing.  Take a bubble bath, read a book, listen to relaxing music or take yourself out on a date night.  Change it up and you won’t get bored.  THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF!  JUST DO IT!

What are some core practices in your life to reduce stress and be happy?  Please leave a comment below!  In addition, if you want more tips on less stress, sign up for my free report up above “7 Steps Successful Women Use to Stay Calm During Chaos” http://bit.ly/1tElx0h

How To Breathe To Release Stress

Breathing exercises can be a great way to release stress and they can be done anywhere at anytime.  People who practice yoga are introduced to breathing exercises that will cleanse and tone the lungs and increases their capacity. In addition, because you are delivering more oxygen into the bloodstream bringing energy, healing and vitality to all the cells.  It also helps people to focus better thereby increasing their concentration.  

Much like meditation, breath work is an inner and outer game.  

These breathing exercises can strengthen and ton your back and abdominal muscles.   Many people experience shallow breathing so when they participate in breath work, it can be a deeply healing experience.  This is especially true when it is combined with yoga or meditation.  In the video below, a short but powerful breathing exercise is described.  This exercise can be effective in dealing with stage fright, anxiety or panic attacks and the fear of flying.


Next time you feel yourself getting upset, try the breathing exercises.  It is a SUPER STRESS BUSTER!  In addition, deep belly breathing for 20 minutes a day has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress.  Remember to combine visualization like a favorite vacation spot or any image that creates a calming feeling will work wonders for lowering the blood pressure and heart rate.

Want more tips on how to reduce stress?  Sign up for my free seminar and pdf on Creating Less Stress (top right in the opt-in box).

Positive Conversations = Good Chemistry

It is no surprise that our thoughts control our emotions or that we have 20,000 – 50,000+ thoughts a day in our minds depending on if you are a deep thinker.  It is also no surprise that much of our thoughts come from our work environment or from people we hang out with on a daily or weekly basis.  What’s disturbing about these 50,000 thoughts per day is that the vast majority of them are gibberish or negative. We often dwell on our  past or future, obsessing about mistakes we might have made,  battling guilt because of our “shoulds” , planning ahead or worrying. We are constantly daydreaming of fantasy, fiction and negativity.  Every thought stimulates our brain and causes certain hormones to be produced.  Thus, chemistry plays a significant role as our autonomic nervous system is stimulated.  The autonomic nervous system is responsible for our “fight or flight” or “rest and digest” responses.

According to Judith E. Glaser,  CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., and the Chairman of The Creating WE Institute. “To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.”  For example, if we feel criticized, rejected, or hurt, our fight or flight response kicks in. The result is higher levels of cortisol and noradrenaline being produced.  The longer we feel those negative feelings, the longer cortisol is released in our bodies (slowly over time).  So, when we think positive thoughts our bodies produce good hormones such as oxytocin which make us feel good.

The following graph depicts the results of  The CreatingWE Institute, also partnered with Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics, the world’s largest online survey software company, to analyze the frequency of negative (cortisol-producing) versus positive (oxytocin-producing) interactions between managers and their employees in today’s workplace.  The results are astounding and demonstrate how our behaviors in our relationships do indeed affect our neurochemistry.  


There is a quote that states this well, “If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” — Peace Pilgrim.  This is not only a problem among leaders, but it has become a BAD HABIT in our society in general.  I am astounded by the many conversations I hear on a regular basis that are negative.  Obviously, we will have negative thoughts from time to time but if we are mindful in our thoughts and our feedback, then we will stimulate oxytocin, the good feeling hormone.  I will be much more mindful of  my thoughts and conversations, how about you?

Below is an award winning book by Judith E. Glaser as well as a pdf.  If you click on the Creating We logo, you can sign up for their newsletter and be part of their future articles.  






Here is a pdf with great information!





Top Ten Clean Eating Foods to Relieve Stress

Clean eating is not just another fad diet promising you instant gratification with weight loss in record breaking time.  It is a lifestyle that will nourish your body giving it the right nutrients which regulates your hormones and relieves stress.  It is easy because there is no calorie counting or no pills to remember.   And the best part?  There is no depriving yourself of certain foods.   Some foods are better at reducing stress.  Here are the 10 best foods for reducing stress.

1.  Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Walnuts

These seeds and nuts contain an abundance of alpha-Linolenic acid and linoleum acid which has been correlated to promote healthy blood pressure.  Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the symptoms of chronic stress.  In addition, these foods contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which promotes a healthy cardiovascular system (heart healthy).  Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants which help to control glucose absorption and protect against oxidative stress and hypertension.

2. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has long been known as a mood enhancer, stress relieving food.   Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that chocolate, especially dark chocolate is a beneficial food that helps to reduce cortisol and catecholamines (stress hormones).  Because some studies have reported eating over half a pound a week, choose organic dark chocolate with low sugar.  

3. Salmon

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and considered a brain food. Studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids reduce cortisol levels people who were experiencing stress and anxiety. Remember that cortisol is a stress hormone released when the body is experiencing physical or physiological stress. When this hormone is produced in excess, sugar levels rise and weight gain occurs.  Salmon also contains vitamin D which is often found in dairy products or produced by the body in response to sunlight exposure.  Vitamin D boost the immune system, regulates moods and helps to reduce stress.  Vitamins, especially D, will be decreased in the body during stressful situations.

4. Garlic

Metabolites in garlic, such as allicin, have been associated with healthy blood pressure, and cholesterol.  In addition, garlic regulates cortisol and boost the immune system.

5. Figs

Fresh or dried, figs offer a potent source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. As a bioavailable source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, figs offer nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy blood pressure and muscle function. The antioxidants in figs have the potential for protecting against oxidative stress, a type of stress that is facilitated by diet, pollution, and tobacco use.

6. Oatmeal

Steel cut oats found at your local grocery store and natural rolled oats are a source of fiber and the complex carbohydrates found in oatmeal increase healthy serotonin levels, which could help to improve mood.

7. Spinach, Swiss Chard and Kale

These are dark-green leafy vegetables packed with essential vitamins (A, C, E, and K) and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Chard also contains a specific class of antioxidants known as betalains to protect the body against the stress indicators of high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

9. Seaweed

Seaweed contains a high-quality source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Seaweed also contains iodine which is necessary for thyroid health to regulate hormones.  Dulse Seaweed is very popular and the one that I purchase.  Seaweed is considered to be a superfood  which is thought to help fight the effects of stress by maintaining proper hormone levels within the body.

10. Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, and cherries all contain antioxidants which boost the immune system and prevent many diseases.  They protect your body against inflammation and free radicals.  Berries are also loaded with fiber.  One cup of strawberries contains more vitamin C than an orange.  Studies have shown that Vitamin C reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in the blood.  Not only does this reduce your sugar levels but your blood pressure as well.  Therefore, it reduces the physical and psychological stress in the body as well.  Studies show that people with high levles of vitamin C in their bodies recover quicker from stressful situations.

Eating well and clean supports a healthy lifestyle. The benefits are glowing skin, hair and nails, weight loss and maintenance, regulation of hormones, and more energy.  Clean eating not only benefits your physical health, but it supports your mental health. For example, nutrients from your diet such as vitamin B-6, help make dopamine, a chemical involved in feelings of pleasure. Omega-3 fatty acids also support feeling good, while a deficiency can cause moodiness and depression. All ten of the foods above are shown to reduce stress.

Does clean eating help you bounce back quicker in stressful situations?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

Yoga Significantly Reduces Long-Term Stress

We all know that yoga relieves stress as demonstrated on the infographic listed below.  In one study published last year Yoga reduces the proteins that are known to increase inflammation in the body according to a study published in 2012 from University of California, Los Angeles researchers.  In this article http://www.mdanderson.org/newsroom/news-releases/2014/yoga-regulates-stress.html, Yoga Regulates Stress Hormones and Improves Quality of Life for Women with Breast Cancer Undergoing Radiation Therapy.  Please share this post and comment below! 🙂

Stress to Success

Do you ever find yourself so caught up in your life…….the rat race……that things fall by the wayside?  Today I read a great article in the Huffington Post that reminded me of the importance of a daily routine that includes exercise and taking time for yourself. It is Twelve Things Successful Women Do Differently (via @HuffPostWomen).

We all have those days when the challenges keep coming and we throw up our hands thinking “I did not sign up for this!”  We either get angry or cry or both.  However, by keeping a daily routine that includes eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, exercise, alone time, and investing in yourself (massages, yoga, meditation, etc.) you will remain sane.   How do you stay sane amidst the turmoil and chaos?  Do you reach for the half of pint of ice cream in freezer?  Go out drinking?  Take anxiety meds?  Scream at your significant other or kids?  Yeah I get it, some days you just feel like it even though you don’t follow through!  So how do you REALLY stay sane?  I would love to hear from you.  And remember, take time to reconnect to hope, gratitude, forgiveness, faith. Above all LOVE passionately and deeply! Live each day as if it were your last…..Laugh, play and enjoy the journey. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. A great exercise is a gratitude journal in which you write 5 things a night for which you are grateful! Try it for 21 days and watch the magic happen in your life! Have a great week! 🙂


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