My Spiritual Journey

As I continue my spiritual journey to the soul, I am reminded to just be and function from my heart space, from that soulful place within…….from the GOD-source energy that lies within.  Why? Because when I can accept of all my feelings I am experiencing in that moment (grief, happiness, pain, anger, sadness or anything else) I can choose how I show up and respond with Love, Compassion and Understanding. By doing so, I can make a difference and change the world from the place I AM right now; living in the light  while humbly walking with God.

My good friend and Kindred Sister Lucinda Rae describes this journey so eloquently in the passage below:

“I’ve been praying more the past month or so more than I have my entire life… Morning and night whether I feel like it or not, I sit and I pray. For myself, my loved ones, and others I don’t even know. *Prayers* that this devotion continues and grows the rest of this life, to become more of a channel for this Light to flow through, and open to new levels in this intimate connection to the healing living energy of Divine Consciousness.

As I unveil more layers towards the inner most pure self, I have some days of discovery with an opening heart paired with moments of unexplainable sadness releasing the ignorance of not before being more fully tapped in with our Holy Creator in continuous connection in all my breaths that have since fled my awareness as the past… which all opens me to new levels of humility and on-my-knees in quiet rejoicing gratitude.

May we each unfurl into more divine trust and earnestly pray for a life of fervent integrity and magnificent love as our tears of What’s Been fade into the gentle waters of the most compassionate ways of living in the Light, for a life that is intended to be way beyond that who we think we are (or that which we have been). Amen. ”

Please leave a comment below on where you are with your spiritual journey! 🙂

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