Here’s what people are saying about Lauren:

“Lauren has the amazing ability to channel her energy, enthusiasm, and downright passion into everything she does. Her dedication to making a difference in the lives of her clients, and women especially, is truly amazing. An incredible woman who moves mountains to reach her goals and, more importantly your goals, Lauren can be a crucial guide in becoming your best self.”
Mary Ellen Marnholtz
Wausau, Wisconsin

“I’ve been through my fair share of therapists who tell you what you need to do but don’t give you a guide to go by,and where Ive come from its easier when someone tells you what to do. I loved this format of ‘forgifting’ that you gave me because it forced me to write about how I felt about each person and what MY feelings were not what they did to me,to me that was huge. I wrote for 5 days straight until my hand hurt using the guide and searching my feelings. I became so much more aware of me in each situation than the person that wronged me. When I walked out to the pit for the burning release time I wasn’t sure how this would make me feel. As I watched the words burn,so much was going through my mind like watching a Cirque de sol Le play. But as I sat there looking at the full moon through the clouds and the clouds above my head dissipated, it was as if God opened up this space in the sky and took all of my pain and left me with my awareness of healing. It truly was a sense of release for me.

Thank you. I cant wait to continue this journey.”

Maggie Wimmer
Ocala, Florida

“Lauren truly is an inspiration.  She teaches from the heart and energizes you with her enthusiasm.  Through Lauren’s Extraordinary Wellness Coaching, I’ve defeated my negative self-talk and exploded my creative side.  Instead of focusing on lack, I now focus on abundance and live an amazing life.  I no longer work to live, but live to create.”

Tracey Roman
Fort Mill Magazine

“I just received my invitation to the Oscar Neale Celebration.  I will send copies to Brad and Roger in the hopes that one of them can attend to celebrate your success.  THANK YOU for your excellent presentation last night.  It is truly a pleasure to hear you speak so eloquently and with so much passion about what you do.”

Steve Murley
Iowa City Schools

“It was a treat being able to speak with you and hear about your vision for impacting women.  I know you are making a difference right now with your incredible heart and everyday work.  You are an inspiration.”

Laura Rubinstein

What other people are saying:

“Lauren is a brilliant teacher with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  She has clearly made a difference in the lives of her students.  Thank you so much for touching the heart of so many young women.”
Julie S.

“The Heritage Families’ Committee of the Wausau School Foundation thanks you for your sterling presentation at our reception.  It was beautiful!”
Mary C.

“Lauren is highly organized. Her communication skills are outstanding and her character is impeccable.  Personally, she is friendly and has a balanced sense of humor.  Lauren possesses a strong command of each subject she teaches.  The deep subject knowledge that she has acquired, coupled with her extensive, effective teaching strategies and skills, have enabled Lauren to provide an awesome learning experience.”
Brad P.

“You are amazing – thank you for being the difference for students. One of my favorite quotes is, “Be the change…” I think you know the rest. Thank you for stepping up and showing so many of us how to do that.”
Kris VH.

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