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Want to motivate, educate and engage them in a meaningful and impactful way? Book me for your next event, meeting or training. Your audience will thank you. Extraordinary Wellness Shaman, Lauren A. Ebbecke is fiercely committed to empowering women to exchange drama, trauma, and karma to happiness, peace and confidence.   If you have been looking for a proven mentor who can guide you through a step-by-step process you’ve come to the right place.  Lauren has worked with hundreds of women through her massage and reiki practice, classroom teaching and nonprofit administration to motivate and encourage them to discover their authentic selves.   She has experience working with some amazing women with similar concerns and inspiring them to find their own unique passion and gifts instead of following someone else’s rules just to fit in.  

A Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author, I facilitate mind shifts  so women can break free and live in their full potential, where they can be themselves  and share their gifts without feeling self-conscious or restrained in any way.   Although each presentation is uniquely created with your group needs in mind, here are a few topics that I am passionate about:  

  • Motivational Mindsets:  Fire Your Inner Critic Committee to go from Unglued to Renewed
  • Unglued to Renewed:  7 Essential Habits for Living a Stress-Free Life
  • Reboot and Renew You: 3 Keys for Stopping Chronic Stress from Becoming your New Normal
  • Unglued to Renewed Clean Eating  ~ so you can sleep at night!
  • Don’t Weight for Happiness: Eliminate the temporary bandaid fixes to go from Unglued to Renewed
  • Unglued to Renewed:  5 Tips to Smile More and Stress Less 


Sample Lauren by Audio

3 Keys to stop Chronic Stress from Becoming your New Normal



Lauren As Guest:  Listen  HERE



BLOGTALKRADIO:  Reclaim Your Health

“7 Essential Core Habits for Living A Stress-Free Life!”

 Releasing Old Relationship Patterns

Smile More, Stress Less:  4 Keys To Stop Using Temporary Bandaid Fixes to Cope With Life



Lauren’s Speaker Introduction

Lauren is a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Shaman. A healer and lover of nature, she’s an alchemist in the truest sense. Lauren transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary…and that includes healing from within to unleash your extraordinary life!  Lauren practices what she teaches. A firm believer in extraordinary wellness, she empowers women as she generously shares her tips, resources, presentations and programs all while traveling (one of her many passions) or working out of her beautiful home office in central Wisconsin – just a few steps from the Wisconsin River. As excited as she is being a wellness shaman inspiring and empowering her clients, she loves spending time with her yellow lab, Sage and orange tabby, Ashley. Lauren lives her bliss with no apologies, believing the key to real and lasting success is simply to go within to unearth your best expression and let your light shine. She is living proof that when you find happiness, authenticity, and passion from within, you can live an extraordinarily well life.

Speaking Fees

I’m happy to work within your budget by customizing your keynote speech, presentation or training to fit your particular needs. I’m  available for teleseminars, telesummits, webinars, workshops and retreats. I welcome invitations to speak in Wisconsin and beyond. (I love to travel as much as I love to speak!) I  I’ll conference with you before your gathering to get really clear on your event vision, purpose and needs to create the perfect presentation. I’ll help promote your event too!

Contact Lauren

To schedule Lauren to speak for your group, business or organization, send an e-mail request to info@extraordinarywellnesscoaching.com

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