What would that look like?   How might your life be different?

What new choices would you make?

Imagine feeling happy, confident and empowered every day.

THAT is what reconnecting with your authentic self looks like!

Would you still do the work that you do now? Would you travel more? What different choices would you make? You’d probably spend more time doing the things that you love with people you care about.

What dreams have you put on a shelf?

I’ve created a program that puts you back into the driver seat of your life!  WHY?  Because I know what it is like to live a life of stress and overwhelm.  You may not know this about me.  I am a twin with a tragic story  and one that DEFINITELY could have been AVOIDED!

“If only my twin sister had made different choices.” Tragically, she did not. She chose a different path  that not only resulted in  stress, anxiety, and extreme unhappiness, but ultimately her DEATH.  

That was a HUGE wake up call for me.  Not only was I dealing with the loss of my sister, my twin, it forced me to take a hard look at my life.  

I  reached a point  where I thought “Is this all there is?” My life was so stressed I didn’t feel any energy in my work let alone my life.  I had lost my passion.


Where were my dreams and how did I get here?

That’s when I began my journey of personal growth, development and wellness. I discovered tools and techniques that changed my life forever. These strategies allowed me to connect with my soul and I want to share them with you.


What I’ve learned has changed my life and it can change yours too.

You can:

    •  Wake up rested and happy, looking forward to your day!
    •  Have consistent energy 
    •  Feel passionate about creating  your life
    •  Create the time to do the things that you love  (like hiking, singing, and getting massages…Whatever feeds your bliss!

I invite you to experience quantum leaps in your wellbeing. Learn how to  eat well and sleep well! (No more restless nights filled with stress and worry!)

How does that sound?


Introducing. . .



An 8 step program designed to teach you how to overcome challenges, negative mindsets  and emotions that block you to create an authentic life through Clarity, Intention, and Empowerment.

In this program, you will receive EVERYTHING you need to know in order to create your desired transformations, build your confidence, and reclaim your power so that you can:

      • Increase your confidence.
      • Be happier and healthier.
      • Create the life you want.
      • Wake up to your day feeling relaxed, peaceful and passionate.

This is your birthright! I will personally guide you through my eight-step process and help you release the struggle, stress, and overwhelm that you’re living in now. I will teach you how to consistently create a strong positive mindset necessary to create the life that you want. And I’ll be there to help you through any stuck spots you may experience along the way! (Hey, I’ve been there!)


FULL Payment = $497



I have discovered how to shift from stress and overwhelm to gratitude and joy! And I want that for you too! You see, I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to get motivated. It is hard to do this work by yourself. I know the benefit of having someone guide you along the way offering the support that you need to help you achieve your goals.
And THAT is why I created this program for women just like you.
When you learn how to apply the steps and tools in my “Unglued to Renewed” program to your life, you too will:
  • Have more energy in your day.
  • Experience less stress.
  • Feel a greater sense of purpose in your life.

You will discover how to make choices and live from an empowered and authentic place. And people will notice and ask what you are doing differently! Here are the results can you expect when you apply the tools you get in the “Unglued to Renew Program.”

Clarity about what you want and what’s important to you.

Improved health.

Conscious and empowered choices from your authentic self.

Release the things that drain you, overwhelm you, and steal your time and energy.

ATTRACT the positive results you want in your life!

I created this step by step program to help you to create the changes you want in your life. Follow your heart ~ the possibilities are yours for the claiming. It’s time to stop settling for less than what you KNOW you deserve!


What the Unglued to Renewed Program is NOT:

It is NOT a magic pill. The “magic pill” comes from OUTSIDE OF YOU. Real success is created from within.

There is NO such thing as a quick fix. (Have you noticed?) So, I’m not going to promise you a new body in 8 weeks.

I want you to understand what your life will be like when you connect with your empowered authentic self. You must actively engage in your life using the techniques in this program. Experience will be your teacher.



Here’s what you’ll discover in this 8-week Program:

Module 1 ~ Release Your Emotions and Disempowering Beliefs

  • Here you will explore your emotions and what their deeper meaning to transition to a better life.
  • How what you believe affects your health and every area of your life and how to release those beliefs
  • Why setting up a Daily Routine and Sticking to it is essential to your well-being
  • How you see yourself, what you say to yourself and what you set for your intentions affects your overall happiness and wellbeing
  • The mindsets and judgements that cause you to feel stuck when it comes to Stepping Up in your life and claiming your power
  • Forgiveness and Love to release the emotions that steal your power

Module 2 ~ Closing your energy loops and eliminating those energy drains
In this module you will discover:

  • The Energy drains that are zapping your energy and dragging you down
  • Your inner critic committee that sabotages your happiness
  • How to let go of negative people, and negative situations

Module 3 ~ The thoughts that block your happiness and how to transform them
Together we will explore:

  • What you think about daily and why it affects your emotions
  • The many ways your thoughts tie into your happiness and self-worth (which affect every area of your life)
  • How your thoughts create habitual patterns that don’t serve you (and how to change them!)

Module 4 ~ Stepping Up And Stepping Out To A Healthier, Confident, and Happier You!
Get clear on creating the life you want

  • Set your intentions for attracting healthy, happier relationships
  • Create Your Be-Do-Have Dreamscape
  • Saturate your Mind with Good Mojo tips
  • Take Conscious Action with Confidence

Understanding these are important keys to reclaiming your happiness, health, and empowerment. Let me help you rediscover and connect to your authentic self. Being connected to your authentic self looks like this:

  • Having a direct connection to your inner wisdom. (No more second guessing yourself or wondering if you’re on the right track.)
  • Experiencing more energy (consistently throughout the day!),
  • Feeling more confident
  • Enjoying more time to do the things that you love.

I want to invite you on a journey of transformation. I’m committed to giving you a hands-on experience with my full support, so I’ve decided to limit the class size to 14 women.


Course begins February 23, 2015 ~ April 20th, 2015 
What You’ll Get: In this 8 week course:
You get HIGH-LEVEL support with content rich, profoundly authentic Coaching Lessons delivered in 4 Modules which includes:




This Course is normally $997!  You Save $500 by signing up today!

Hurry, This Early Bird Special Ends On February 20th Midnight CST!

~ OR ~


It’s going to be an amazing 2015! Let’s do this!

Empowering you ~ one step at a time,

   Lauren A. Ebbecke,

  Extraordinary Wellness Shaman

     Unglued to Renewed

     Mentor and Coach

P.S. Take a minute and do one thing. Imagine yourself six months or one year from now. Are you still exactly where you are now? Or are you thriving and living from your authentic self? The choice is yours.

Six months from now, you’ll wish you started this today.

This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to lock in your special pricing today.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me info@extraordinarywellnesscoaching.com.

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  • Be healthier and happier
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  • Feel confident and empowered
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