The 7 things happy women do differently in their lives

It is no surprise that happy women live their lives differently. They don’t have different lives. They just do a better job at living a fulfilling, passionate life than those who are unhappy.

Many women look for happiness outside of themselves.  They are always searching for some “thing” or some person to make them happy.  We cannot control the cards that our dealt to us from the ‘Deck of Life’.  However, we can control our reactions or the choices we made that created our situation.  It is the choices you make that ultimately lead to your happiness!

1.  They don’t please everyone because they are not worried about who likes them.

They are not people pleasers.  They like their “own skin”.  It doesn’t matter to them if you like them or not.  They definitely don’t need your approval.  After all, if you don’t love yourself then how can you expect others to like you?   So what steps can you take today to love yourself more?

2. They are humble and great at communicating what they value in life.

When you first meet them, they will tell you where they have traveled, what is happening in their lives, or mention their families.   They don’t talk about how successful they are, their work or the initials after their name.   They talk about what they really value in life such as their pets, family, or their vacations!  More importantly, they share positive things or if it is a challenge then they will talk about the solutions they are implementing.  Happy women do not complain!

3.  They live in the present.

While most of us live in the past (what could have been) or worry about the future, these successful women are fully present to the moment.  Their awareness is completely centered on the here and now. The past and the future are illusions that don’t exist!  Happy people do have hopes, dreams and goals, but they don’t allow themselves to get caught up and lost in them.

 Have you ever driven somewhere but you don’t know how you got there?  Many times you get lost in your thoughts and go on autopilot.  Tomorrow when you drive to work instead of going on autopilot, notice 5 new things along the way. We also do these while we cook meals, wash the dishes, watch tv, take a shower, and other tasks. Observe how often you are not living in the present moment!  Successful women live in the present, which reduces stress. While it does take energy to be in the moment it also creates energy too!

4. Happy, successful women live life they way they want to live

They don’t follow the “Jones’s”.  They do exactly what it is that they want to be doing.  They make choices about how and the way they want to be.  They trust themselves and believe in their own inner wisdom.  They value their opinion more so than their friends or family. They do Not spend time worrying about who is going to judge them 

5. They see the world as their Stage and their mind as the Director.

They believe they are the creators of their reality.  Happy successful women know that they have full control over what they interpret or perceive.  In fact, they have full awareness over their thoughts and how important it is to think positive thoughts!  They understand the power of positive thinking and the Laws of Attraction!  They keep their vibrations high.  They are watch uplifting movies, play uplifting music and most importantly, hang with uplifting supportive people!.

6.  They walk to the beat of their own Spiritual drum.

They judge only themselves as they value honesty, integrity, and compassion.  They know what is right and wrong.  They have their own philosophies and spiritual beliefs.  Those spiritual beliefs could be God, Buddha, Native American, Celtic, Pagan, Muslim, or Nature!  They have a connection with source that they believe in.

7.  Happy women invest in themselves.

They know they’re only human and must take care of themselves before taking care of others.   They do this to fuel their bodies so that they have more to give to all of their relationships. Why? Because you have heard the expression that you must put on your oxygen mask before assisting others, so pamper yourself. In order to have the mental and physical energy to give to others, women need to give to themselves first.  If you don’t value yourself or look out for yourself, then don’t expect others to do it for you!  You are sabotaging yourself if you don’t take care of yourself first.   I promise you will have so much more to give by taking care of your needs!

You can take walks especially in nature, go biking or hiking, meditate, go yoga class, take hot baths, treat yourself to a date night at a fabulous restaurant, get a massage, get a manicure, get a pedicure or what ever else makes you feel special!

If you start by doing one step at a time and continue to do it, it will become a habit.  You can learn new habits to replace the “not so good ones”.  In addition, you will be a happier woman! 

What are some things you do to invest in yourself and be happy?  Please leave a comment below!  In addition, if you want more tips on less stress, sign up for my free report up above “7 Steps Successful Women Use to Stay Calm During Chaos”.


Purpose, Prosperity, Retreats, and Transformations!

The retreat (Purpose & Prosperity Mastermind Retreat) facilitated by my coach Paula Houlihan this weekend was the experience of a lifetime!  According to Paula, “A retreat is a time to come together in sisterhood, committed to the purpose of expansion, transformation and connection”.

Years ago, I had low self-esteem and felt unworthy.  I had issues around abandonment and rejection.  I was a care taker and sought approval from anyone.  I lived an overstressed, overwhelmed, and overworked life.  Sound familiar?  As if that was not enough, I have had several losses in my life including my parents, grandparents, niece, and my Identical Twin.  In the last ten years, I was blessed to have had good mentors, counselors and now, a fabulous coach!

I came to the retreat at Sundara Spa with an open mind and ready to relax.  The retreat was taking place at an awesome spa in Wisconsin known for their unique services.  I was treated like a queen!  My feather bed was turned down each night and a piece of organic orange and lavender caramel lay on my feather pillow.  I truly enjoyed the 8 Jet Body Spa Shower and the 75” Kohler whirlpool.  It was luxurious!  Pure decadence!

The spa cuisine was healthy, organic and artfully prepared.  The cuisine I indulged in included hummus, Spa Salad, Luscious fruit platter, veggie plate, yogurt, and a Sundara wrap with grilled chicken.  Of course, I had a glass of pinot noir with dinner.  Other delectable dishes included grilled salmon, Cornish game hen, crab cakes, house made guacamole, desserts, Australian lamb, and petite filet mignon.  The cucumber, lemon and orange water were terrific!  I especially love the cucumber water (water with cucumbers in it and what a flavor!).

Now that you know the decadent, nourishing, environment……….it is time to talk about the transformations! I made some great connections to brilliant women as we shifted and expanded together.  I shifted old beliefs especially about my body!  Janelle Maguire is an amazing talented photographer who brings out the brilliance and beauty in everyone!  I was so amazed at the beautiful pictures after the photo shoot.  For the first time, I saw my beauty in those pictures.  I looked radiant!  Now, how many of you can say that after having pictures taken?  An extraordinary photographer makes all the difference, hint….hint!

My soul expanded as did my vision and purpose.  I am filled with love and light and ready to serve women on a whole new level.  My beliefs around money and self-worth were transformed.  My spiritual Goddess has emerged!  I am ready to share my gifts with the world and be visible!  I assist women in eliminating their bandaids (drinking, drugs, overeating, workaholic, shopaholic, etc…) by transforming their fears, stress and negative beliefs into self-love, peace and joy.

My soul is alive and filled with love!  The colors of the rainbow are dancing in my spirit as my heart sings with pure bliss, knowing I am on my path and making a difference in the world.  I am filled with love, gratitude, passion, and joy.  How blessed I am for connecting with my kindred sisters soul to soul in this magnificent transformational journey!  Blessings to All!!!

If any of this resonates with you, please share in the comments below!  I would love to hear your thoughts.  If you have a kindred sister who could benefit from this post, please share!

A Soulful Journey of Change with Confidence

By Lauren Ebbecke ©2012

It is Fall…. that time of year when leaves change color, the air turns colder, and days are shorter.  It spells CHANGE.  I have spent many an Autumn thinking, talking and dreaming of what my life might look like  “if       only…”.  If only I would exercise regularly, if only I would stick to eating healthy, if only I could find a job I truly love, if only I could find time to meditate, if only I could find my ”NorthStar”, my true calling, or  life purpose.  My intentions are good and I always start a routine.  Somehow time passes by and I am still searching for my dream…….

Ever feel like this?  This was the year I set my intention and decided to take action.  This was the year I quit my full-time job and began to fully create the life I have always dreamed of.  I was listening to my inner soul.  Yes, my intuition.  The fears come up, the negative voices come up, the challenges are there and yet, I continue on my path to a better life and to self-discovery.

I have never looked back and I am happy.  I have more time to spend with my beloved dog, Sage as well as friends.  I eat well, sleep well, and exercise.  I am investing in me.  Women tend to nurture and support everyone else around them, but we are not good about investing in ourselves.  We are also not confident in our decisions and especially with CHANGE.  Better yet, do you have the courage to change or step out of the box?  Our sandbox has become our comfort zone and we must step out of the box in order to grow.  So here are five tips to embrace change.

1.  Get Clear and set an intention.   Get clear about what you want to change and why.  Then set an intention to do so.  Make the intention simple.  My intention this summer was to find a part-time job that I enjoyed and could pay my bills, and then I would resign from my stressful full-time job.  Of course I had to define jobs that I would doing short term.  I got very clear as to why I wanted to leave my job and what type of working environment I wanted.  I said my intention out loud every morning and before I went to bed.

2. Be prepared for those old Habits and Mindsets.  “So you think you can really pull this off?  What will your friends say? Family?”  “I am not good enough” or “You should be perfectly happy as you have a decent job”.  Ah yes, the wonderful ego that tries hard to protect us.    One of my coaches said, “if your gut tells you yes, but you feel the fear… anyway”.  One of my favorite books is “Feel the Fear, Do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

3.  Don’t Criticise yourself.  We are our own worst critics and we often think things are worse than they really are!!!  We want to be liked and fit in.  when something feels uncomfortable, our panel of judges arise to let us know that we aren’t doing the “right way” or the “way our elders did it”.  Acknowledge your shadows.  I typically say “I hear you, but I am choosing to better my life”.    I got that line from my mentor Christine Kane and it has proven to be one of the most powerful affirmations in my life.

4.  As the old zen saying goes, “Leap and the Net shall appear”.  Yes, this was another saying from my mentor that has served me well.  Women who take risks will grow and move ahead.  As Albert Einstein states, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  So make a change and if it doesn’t feel good or it is not the right one, CHANGE it.  Yes, you can make another change!  This leads me to the next tip.

5.  Fail Forward!!! Too often when we make mistakes, we tend to blame ourselves or think poorly of ourselves.  We are not our mistakes.  Remember the Law of Attraction:  You attract the energy that is most like you.  In this case, Like Attracts Like!!!  So practice affirmations and feelings of abundance and success.  Successful people pick themselves up and keep going forward knowing they are not their mistakes.  As someone once said, “What you think, you are”.  Monitor your thoughts.  What are you thinking right now?  Is it positive or negative?  Think positive and fail forward.  Practice courage and confidence.



What changes have you made lately?  I would be interested in reading about them.  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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