Take Action by Confidently Selecting a Coaching Program with Clarity and Intention.

By Lauren Ebbecke ©2012

“Clarity to Chaos”  “Find your tribe”  “Teach Now” “Creating Peace in the Midst of Stress” “How to Publish A Number One Seller” “Drama to Dharma” “Awaken Your Life Purpose”  “Live Your Authentic Life” “Grow Your Business” “Clarify Your Vision” and these are just a few of the programs I have glanced at!!!

It all started after I had taken a wonderful course on Upleveling my life with Christine Kane.  I am one of those people that has to absorb the information and continue to work it for the rest of my life.  As I started to grow personally, I realized that I wanted to live an authentic, balanced, happy life and follow my dreams.  After beginning the next program, I realized I truly needed to dive in, roll up my sleeves and get serious.  So, much to the dismay of my colleagues I quit my full time job with benefits, picked up a temporary job to pay the bills and began my journey.  I am currently in the Gold Mastermind program which I love.

Now, being like most people these days, I want success today!  So, I found myself not only working my program but searching the web and exploring every “Freebie” that promised to assist me in being a successful entrepreneur.  Several were great as I learned quite a bit about technology like blogging, attracting more traffic and videotaping!  I was bookmarking websites, watching webinars and teleseminars, reading “freebies” and then……… it hit me!  I could make a career out of researching these programs as I was procrastinating instead of creating my business!  Aarrgghh!!!

So what was driving me?  Doubt?  Fear? Insecurity?  I realized that my actions were not exactly in alignment with my purpose, but with my fears.  You know – those voices that say “What if it doesn’t work?” “What if I don’t attract enough clients?” “Who AM I  to think I could be successful?” “Why aren’t people reading my blogs or commenting?” Maybe I should get a full time job again.   Ever have these thoughts?

Breathe deep.  Get ClearCommit to your program and business with attention, intention and clarity! Don’t second guess yourself, surf the web for “a quicker way” or procrastinate by watching one more free video to help you achieve your success quicker!  There is no fast way to your dream.  There is no quick “Pill” to fix this – just good old fashion work and commitment.  According to Benjamin Disraeli, “The secret of success is consistency of purpose”.  In my case, it is consistency to my program as I systematically create my business.

Don’t misunderstand me—there are some really good other programs out there!  Sometimes it feels like you are at the grocery store looking at 12 different brands of orange juice!  What a choice.  My point??  Once you commit to a program that resonates your inner soul, follow through!!!  “The Fortune is in the Follow Through” as I heard on my Q&A Training Call today.  Although this message was applied to another technique, it very much applies this situation.  I signed up for this wonderful program and I plan on following through on my commitment!

So in the comments below, please share those moments that helped you get back on track with your program and become aligned with your life’s purpose.

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