New Year + New Resolutions = New Me?

By Lauren Ebbecke ©2013

We reflect back on 2012 as the New Year begins and thus, we create our resolutions.  “I will quit smoking”, “I will lose weight”, “I will exercise 4-5 days a week”, “I will eat healthier”, “I will get more sleep”, “I will not work too much”, “I will meditate every day” and on the resolutions go.  We are enthusiastic and have good intentions to follow them and yet, many of us will fail.  In fact, the research shows that only 10% will be successful.

Why?  Because our resolutions do not deeply connect with our inner souls!  Many people equate resolutions with making a to do list that is short lived. If these resolutions do not align with our inner soul, then we won’t keep doing them.

Resolutions are like frosting on a cake.  They only address the superficial “want” without touching the heartfelt center.  Generally, we state something like I will DO exercise 5 times a week so I can have a thinner body and look good, and then I will BE confident.  It is a short term to do list.

To be more successful in creating lasting, positive changes in your is the BE-DO-HAVE model.  By looking at the model from a place of BE first, gives us a deeper meaning and answers the “why”.  This creates sustainable, lasting positive behaviors after the newness has worn off.

Try A NEW New Year’s Ritual

There are a number of alternative approaches to marking the beginning of the New Year. Here are a few:

So why not try a new ritual this year and choose a Word of the Year?   Be sure to set aside some quiet time perhaps with candles and soft lighting.  Mindfully sit with the questions in this guide and then answer them.  I usually schedule an hour or so without any interruptions.

Once you’ve chosen your word, be present with it in your heart and mind throughout the year. Let it teach you to take action toward your dream for 2013.

I’d love hear about your successes and discoveries!   Please feel free to post a comment below!

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